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We’ll Take Care of the Numbers

Taxes. Bookkeeping. Peace of Mind. 

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Time is Money

The average business owner spends over 20 hours a month working on budgeting, bills, and contracts. And that doesn’t count the hours of sleep lost to worrying!

Bloom strives to cultivate long-term partnerships with business owners who are ready to cut that 20 hours a month down to just one hour. We understand that you need time to be creative and present in order to reach your goals. 

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You've made the tax season seamless and stress free

“Shena from Bloom was very easy to work with, all I had to do was forward all my relevant information to her via email and once she completed my paperwork - she set up a call to talk me through my information and what I should expect to receive. Thank you, Shena, for all your help!” 

- Devyani Shenoy

...hands down it has been a breeze.

Shenachanel is seriously the best, I came to her when I became officially an LLC and she was able to help a lot on any tax questions I had throughout the year. During tax season she is quick and really tries her best to make tax season easy without any stress. This is my second year doing my taxes with her and hands down it has been a breeze.

- Ivone Morales

Working with Shena always makes me feel secure

As someone who does not like to work with numbers AT ALL, working with Shena always makes me feel secure. Having a full time job and also a side business, she helps me understand better the the tax filing process and makes the overall process very efficient and easy to do. Thank you!

- Omi Rodriguez

Hi I’m Shena

I’m a proud Dominican Aquarius with 10+ years of experience in finance. Prior to entrepreneurship, I earned my business degree and worked in New York at the most corporatey corporate job there ever was. Even though I spearheaded projects that earned the company over $10M in revenue, I realized the (nonexistent) work/life balance in the old school 9-5 world was NOT for me … or anyone who prioritizes stable mental health for that matter.

I could see the ways I could apply my corporate experience to help businesses thrive. And so Bloom was born!

I understand the unending pressures of being a business owner. Imagine being presented with facts about your financial situation instead of constantly investigating them yourself. My goal is to make your life as easy as possible, and I’ve developed simple systems that make your money work for you. 

Who knows, you might even be excited to file taxes this year!

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the founder of Bloom.

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